Teaching Classes

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We will be starting small classes in the Fall/Winter 2021

Spring/Summer Classes



We are no longer taking appointments for Summer appearances as harvest season and school are gearing up. Please check for updates on Fall and Winter classes and immersions. Please setup an appointment if you would like to have us out at your historic or modern event to demonstrate Historical medicine of the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia.

Ring in the New Year with a Winter Herbal Health Workshops for Women

Fall Classes

We are now booking for September- December for small group classes of 10 persons. setup an appointment to discuss a tailored workshop for your small group of friends, students, and workmates. 

We do Homeschool groups of 20 students or less at local State Parks. Tallulah Gorge State Park, Victoria Bryant, Hart Park, Bobby Brown Park, Black Rock State Park, Dates may be restricted by availability of Park Pavilions. We attend Classrooms in Public or Private schools.


December 31-January 2 will be the month and weekend of our Winter Immersion workshop on women's health, workshop is open to 15 women 18 years of age and older. No Children or pets allowed at the workshop. Possible location is Watson Mill State Park at the
Equestrian bunkhouses. ( Location is subject to change if bunkhouses are unavailable at time of booking. They Sleep 8 each, so please be ready to find a bunk mate. you are responsible for your own bedding, pillows, and toiletries.

Topics to be taught are teas and tinctures for Hormone and Mental health. Learning to say no to chemicals in our diets. 

Friday 5PM-8PM will be Meet and Greet with a light Supper provided. cold cuts, cheeses, seasonal stored fruits White Wine, Water, or herbal tea

Saturday Morning everyone will be responsible for their own Breakfast arrangements. 

Saturday 9AM-12AM class will be in session
12:30PM-2PM will be Lunch. Fresh Roast beef sandwiches with seasonal veggies, Water, herbal tea, 

2:30PM-5PM Class resumes

5PM Class ends and there will be a short Q&A session.

Everyone will be responsible for their own Supper arrangements.

Everyone will be responsible for their own Breakfast arrangements.

9AM-10AM Review, discussion on what you would like to change and or achieve with your new knowledge.
Workshop ends at 11AM

Herbs and materials will be provided.

Cost of immersion is $150.00 per person.


Certifications & Certificates

I've never held much stock in a piece of paper, but folks nowadays seem to need that reassurance that us Grannys know what we're a doin' I have over 40 years with herbs and was taught by two of the best healers in my area