The 8 benefits of Rosehips, 1. Rosehip strengthens an immune system. Strong immunity of body is a guarantee of health and positive mood. People with strong immune systems are much less likely to suffer from viral, microbial, and allergic diseases. Rosehip is just a good immunomodulator, capable to restore and protect the body from viral afflictions. To do this, a decoction prepared from 1-2 tbsp. rosehip spoon in 1 liter of water. And in broth can put the roots and leaves of wild rose. They also have useful properties.2. Rosehip strengthens blood vessels and normalizes metabolism. Thanks to its mineral composition rosehips well strengthens walls of blood vessels. It lowers bad cholesterol and improves circulation. Rosehip promotes blood clotting.3. Rosehip lowers blood pressure. It's recommended to use a high blood pressure. Rosehip is a diuretic and choleretic effects. It strengthens the gastrointestinal tract. It is used to treat stomach ulcers.4. Rosehip improves digestion. Broth-based rosehip promotes the assimilation of sugars and fats in the body. It improves appetite. In China, a rosehip is used as a sedative.5. Rosehip is a good source of iron. Rosehip as a pumpkin is necessary to use those with iron deficiency.6. Rosehip is a good antioxidant. It's known that in addition to wild rose harmful cholesterol removes toxins and wastes from body.7. Rosehip treats tuberculosis. Tuberculosis is treated for a long time. For this purpose, based on the infusion of rosehip.8. Rosehip promotes healing of wounds. In the Middle Ages, rosehip was used to treat wounds and snake bites. Rosehip berry pulls a pus, disinfects and even healing deep wounds.

1oz. Rosehip Tincture

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