• The Native Americans used the elderberry blossom in making a decoction that was used externally for sprains, bruises, as an antiseptic wash and for open wounds on their animals.  They indicate it was also a successful remedy for stomach issues. This may be an indicator as to why the anise-flavored and elderflower infused Sambuca is such a popular digestivo around Italy.
  • A recent study (2004) in The Journal of International Medical Research concluded that elderberry extract relieved patients suffering from Influenza A & B.  They were relieved of their symptoms four days earlier than those of the placebo group. Elderberry proved to inhibit replication of the virus in subjects. Sambucol was one of the brands used in the study (a standardized extract) and it can be found in many natural foods stores if you are wary of making your own.
  • Elderberry extract was shown in a 2009 study to further support this theory, showing elderberry to surpass the effects of Tamiflu on Influenza A strain H1N1 and Influenza A strain H5N1 as well.
  • Elderberries also possess good amounts of Vitamins E and C in addition to many flavonoids, presumable making them good at sickness prevention as well.

1 oz. Black Elderberry/Immunity Booster Tincture

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