A sight fer sore eyes and a tired heart

Cross & Thistle has been a Generational endeavor starting with my  4th Great Granny  over 270 years ago. Healing and midwife practices passed down through generations,  the distillation, tincturing and growing, harvesting and preservation of herbs and spices that create our, herbal remedies, and teas. Making lye from oak ash, in days gone by, these are the skills that young girls in my family learned in the hills of the North Georgia Mountains. We try to keep things just as simple and as close to the original recipes and traditions as we possibly can, and keep within modern laws. Our belief is that what you put inside and outside of the body reflects outward in a ripple effect, Healthy inside, helps create a healthy outside.


Modern environs  take a toll on our bodies enough already, so why would you want to add to the damage with chemical and synthetic ingredients in almost everything we eat, and put on or in our bodies, from hormone & antibiotic filled food, to chemical medicine, bath and body products.

Old herbal remedies used by our family for centuries, brought over from the Highlands of Scotland over 270 years ago and adapted to the flora and fauna here in the hills with the help of the Native people of the area that made the healing practices so very unique here in the Southern Appalachian Mountains. Each generation has added her own healing recipes, and later bath and body products. Healing Women in the Appalachians were called many things among them were Granny Witches or simply Granny, this was a symbol of respect and honor to be called such, Ban Druidh is another very old Scots Gaelic word for us it means Wise Woman or female healer, and I come from a very long line of these women.

The Natural Healing Force within each one of us is the greatest force of getting well. Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food...... Hippocrates

Sarah's Creek, War Woman Mountain Clayton Ga